A New Review, and the contest is over

Here’s a link to a new review! Hooray!

Also, our contest is over, but rest assured we will have more and more as the books continue. For now, congrats to all the winners who received a free Kindle copy of the first book. We will have another contest soon!

An Interview!

We’ve been interviewed over at Confessions of a Bookaholic! Click here to read the interview.

Isabella did most of the questions, but Ken chipped in a bit when he could.

In other news … book two is currently being put through “the grinder” … or as our editor calls it, “one final look-through.” Awesome!

The Next Book …

We’re in the process of editing the second book right now. For those of you curious about who might appear in the next book, here’s a link to one of the stories we’re relying on.

Now, a bit of warning: we’re not spending another book talking about princes and all that …

No, that would be too easy. This story is just a taste.

Our next Review

Don’t worry, Wading Through the Electronic Ink … you’re going to looooove the second episode in the series!

Here’s the new review.

Another Review!

Another review is in, and it’s positive! Click here to read Ron C. Nieto’s review.

You can buy the book here!

Remember: We’re giving away 15 free Kindle copies at the end of the month! All you have to do is “Like” our Facebook page on the right!

Book Giveaway!

The Book Whales are helping us start off the series right: with a book giveaway!

Here’s a link to more details …


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